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So I took the blower unit off and opened it up on the drive belt side expecting to see carnage... what I actually see is.....nothing really. Pulleys and drive belt look great, bearings on the top side look good. Only thing I do see, tiny little fragments of what look like a bearing, the weird thing is both pulleys are right where they need to be but they don't spin which is real odd as that side of the blower is isolated from the side that actually moves the air... more updates to come...

EDIT 1: Took off the back side of the blower, impeller looks good. Has a little wear on the fins but nothing to be too worried about. After a little looking with the flashlight it looks like the bearing that sits between the impeller and the drive pulley (on the same shaft) has seized. Need to somehow break loose the components on that shaft to get down to the problem, of course it's something BURIED in there, couldn't be an easy fix... on the plus side getting back into being able to work on this kinda stuff has been nice, kinda missed it...

EDIT 2: With no puller/press for bearings I subbed out the bearing replacement to TrueStreet. Hopefully they can hook me up on it and I'll put it all back together... I want my damn car...
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