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Introduction Are you new? Post a little about yourself here.

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I reside in Waxahachie, TX., just 25-30 miles from DFW. I'm originally from Dallas, TX. I own two Ford Mustangs (1965 and a recent pickup of what I believe is a 1979 "Cobra" 5.0, recaro seats, rear wing, door and dash badges). Neither of the two are registered or inspected as of yet. I plan to restore the 65' the best I can and my finances will allow at a very slow rate of time. My plans for the possible 79' Cobra is to get it running and daily drive it as I put into it as well.

I've done the drag racing thing as a member of "Beat the Heat, Racing for Education" for approximately four years and no longer desire to drag race. I was representing with a 87' Mustang Coupe. I will post pics of the Beat the Heat car if someone requests it or, would like to see what I built from ground up completely on my own.

I discovered DFW5.0S.com as I was attempting to decipher the VIN of the possible "79 Cobra" that I just recently happened upon on May 5, 2017. I pretty much know my way around a mustang so, it shouldn't be too hard to get this one back scene and rolling.

I am glad that I happened upon this site and became a member as well.
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Hello all,
I joined the group back in 2012 with a Sliver 2012 Mustang GT. I had that for a while and my oldest daughter kept denting it up. Still pissed about that. I have since replace the 2012 with a 2015 Mustang GT 50 year edition. Awesome car and I love to drive it. I have had this one since May of 2015. I live in the Cedar Hill area and like to drive my car and take the long way home..even in traffic. Would love to find out the up coming events and learning on how to improve my car.

Thanks and great to meet everyone (again)

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