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Introduction Are you new? Post a little about yourself here.

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Default Old new guy

Hi everybody.

I'm new here, but new as of back in April or May...hence the title.

I currently own my 3rd Mustang (previous 2 being an '05 Windveil Blue GT and an '08 Red Candy GT). The one now is an '11 Kona Blue GT Brembo.

Mods so far include:
Eibach Pro-Kit
GT/CS front valance
GT500 rear diffuser
K&N Blackhawk CAI
MBRP Race series cat-back (changing to RTR Comp Spec axel-back as soon as I can get rid of the MBRP)
grill surround, mirror caps, rear wing, and wheels painted Red Candy to evoke a Laguna Seca sort of look (I'll have pics added as soon as I can get home and take some)

Part of the reason for taking so long to really intro myself is that I've been in Japan for work for the second half of the year. That's also the reason for not having any pics of all the mods yet. In fact, most of the paint work has been done while I was gone, along with fixing some hail damage, a few bumper scratches, and fixing a broken rear window defogger - it's nice to have a wife who gets how much I like my car. But I'll be home soon and can't wait to see it all finished!

Future mods probably won't involve much more. I will do the shifter and shifter bracket at some point as well as a pan hard bar and pahard bar support bracket. I would like to eventually step up to staggered 20" wheels (I'm eyeballing Velgen wheels right now), possibly the Cervini's Stalker 2 hood, and either a Saleen grill or the Boss 302 S grill.

I'm not trying to build a track car or anything, just one that looks and sounds the way I like with enough performance improvement to make may commute a little more entertaining.

The thing I love about a good group of car guys is that we all give each other a hard time about who's faster, louder, lower, or more of whatever else, but in the end we all just appreciate cars and appreciate each other's individual take on the perfect one. Hope I see some of you out and about!
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